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The House of History (Haus der Geschichte) and Museum of the Bible

The House of History on Stuttgart's “culture mile” illustrates the history of the state of Baden-Württemberg and its many facets in a fascinating exhibition concept. It was inaugurated in 2002 as Germany's first politicohistorical regional museum. The permanent exhibition “The German Southwest from 1790 to the Present Day” brings to life the history of the state in sophisticated presentations. The leitmotif of the chronological section of the exhibition is “Democratisation and Participation”, ending in the “Here and Now” in the Museum of the Present Day, which presents a broad spectrum of contemporary topics in Baden-Württemberg, ranging from the FIFA World Cup to the “Stuttgart 21” rail project.

The special exhibition “Hut ab!” (“Hats off!”), which closes on 2nd August 2020, focuses on different kinds of headgear and what they symbolise – the spiked helmet standing for power, the cloche for stylishness, the top hat for status, the Hecker hat for fortitude, the headscarf for morality. The exhibition presents hats from everyday life, politics and occupations, and some which used to grace famous heads such as those of Schiller, Heidegger and Heuss. 
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December 2018 saw the opening of the “Hotel Silber” in Stuttgart’s Dorotheenstraße 10. For decades this building housed the police headquarters, and during the National Socialism era it was the headquarters of the Gestapo in Stuttgart. It is now a place of historical and political education and encounters – with a museum and facilities for staging events and seminars. The permanent exhibition focuses on the history of the police, and in particular of the Gestapo – the Secret State Police. It illustrates the consistencies and inconsistencies in its dealings with minorities and opponents, its actions, and also the self-image of the respective police officials in the course of democracy and dictatorship. This civic participation project of the state of Baden-Württemberg and the state capital of Stuttgart is under the authority of the Baden-Württemberg House of History.
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Initiated by the Evangelische Landeskirche (Protestant Church of Württemberg), “bibliorama” – the Stuttgart Museum of the Bible – presents a modern museum concept where visitors are encouraged to take an active part. With lots of opportunities to join in and experiment, the museum invites encounters with the Bible. Compose a psalm and send it by e-mail, or play a laser harp: the museum is your stage. Various biblical characters lead visitors into the stories of the Old and New Testaments and the lives of Luke, Sophia and David, creating a bridge from Eve's Garden of Eden to the Revelation of St. John.
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