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Exploring the Stuttgart Region together

Around 11,000 animals, the history of the automobile, ancient fossils, the planetary system: families will find lots to discover in Stuttgart. But adults will enjoy the activities just as much as children – after all, everything looks quite different when seen through the eyes of a child, for example on a Stuttgart Citytour. The round trip takes in several of the city's most exciting attractions, and there's a special children's channel to keep the youngest passengers entertained. There's nothing to stand in the way of a family trip to Stuttgart with the following tips to gladden the hearts of children. Families can choose their favourite highlights to fill a day, a weekend or a longer period. There's no time to be bored in Stuttgart! 


Stuttgart Citytour 
For those wanting to explore the city with children, the varied tour of discovery on a red, double-decker bus is an absolute must. With its hop-on/hop-off system, the Stuttgart Citytour offers plenty of scope for getting to know the city at your own pace. The Blue and Green Tours take you to Stuttgart's main tourist attractions. With the audio guide – which has a special children's channel – young guests can listen to interesting stories and answer questions on them. All the tips for the right answers are to be found at the stopping points. Why not start off at Stop No. 5 of the Blue Tour: "Wilhelma/Neckar Käpt’n"

  • "i-Punkt" Tourist-Information, Königstraße 1A, 70173 Stuttgart 
  • Main railway station, Stuttgart, all S-Bahn lines


The Wilhelma is full of amazing wild animals and fragrant blossoms. The zoological-botanical garden was landscaped in 1842 as a Moorish garden for King Wilhelm I of Württemberg and is considered one of the finest in Europe. The feeding of the sea lions, a visit to the Ape House or an expedition through the South-American rain forest in the Amazon House: with around 11,000 animals from 1,200 species, the Wilhelma is one of the most diverse zoos anywhere in the world. In addition, there are some 8,500 species of plants to be found in the historical park and magnificent hothouses. 


Natural History Museum, Rosenstein Palace
At the Natural History Museum in Rosenstein Palace the natural world comes alive on a fascinating trip round the globe. A journey of discovery at Rosenstein Palace takes you through five natural habitats in sophisticated presentations and provides an overview of today's animals and the Earth's main ecosystems. There's also lots of information on indigenous fauna, such as butterflies and red deer.


Natural history Museum 'am Löwentor' 
At the Natural History Museum 'am Löwentor', visitors embark on a journey back through time: from the Palaeozoic to the Quaternary Ages, everything comes to life with original fossils and lifelike replicas. The museum presents world-famous fossil finds from Southwest Germany's prehistory. Interactive stations acquaint children with the history of the fossils in an age-appropriate and entertaining way.


"Young Palace" Children's Museum
The "Young Palace" in Stuttgart – an institution of the Württemberg State Museum – is the first permanent children's museum in Baden-Württemberg's state capital. In alternating hands-on exhibitions, the Young Palace introduces children aged four years and over and their families to the regional history and culture of the state of Baden-Württemberg. Touchable exhibits, interactive communication sections and adventure areas – this museum makes children's dreams come true.


Mercedes-Benz Museum 
Past, present and future inventions: Stuttgart is home to the famous automobile producers Porsche and Daimler – fascination for young and old alike. Who invented the wheel, and what did the very first cars look like? At the Mercedes-Benz Museum young horsepower fans will find special audio guides to give them lots of interesting information. Here and there they might also come across Carlotta in the museum, along with Carlchen, the cute little car mascot. Carlotta, the lovable museum mascot whose appearance is modelled on the museum's unique architecture, appears from time to time to provide some fun and entertainment.


Porsche Museum
Young and old alike can't fail to be captivated by the "Fascination Porsche" at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. The focus is on the brand and motorsport history of this Stuttgart sports car manufacturer, brought to life by means of interactive guided tours, tours of discovery and child-oriented audio guides.


To the Milky Way and back: A visit to the theatre at the Carl Zeiss Planetarium is a treat for the whole family. The sophisticated projector reproduces a true-to-life starry firmament, accompanied by information on astronomy and space travel. You can marvel at the constellations and far-off planets. Laser shows with ingenious optical effects provide even more highlights.

You can also gaze in wonder at the sky out in the open – for example at Killesberg Hill Park (Höhenpark Killesberg), an important feature of Stuttgart's green urban landscape. If you don't want to explore the park on foot, you can enjoy a leisurely ride through the grounds on the Killesberg miniature railway – past oceans of flowers, wide expanses of greenery and wonderful water features. Children will love the huge adventure playground, the petting zoo with llamas, goats etc., or the funfair at Eliszi's Jahrmarkttheater. Next to the park, the Höhenfreibad Killesberg open-air swimming pool invites you to have a swim or just splash around.


Neckar Käpt’n 
You can also have fun on the R. Neckar with the boats of the "Neckar Käpt’n". Various regular and special tours let you enjoy the view of the vineyards from the river or explore the Stuttgart region by raft.


Junge Oper ("Young Opera") im Nord 
The opera also has a lot on offer for children and young adults in its repertoire. Each year, the Stuttgart Opera Company's "Young Opera" stages two or three of its own opera productions for young audiences, in which children and young people play an active role. In addition there are the so-called "cushion concerts" for the very young, by and with the musicians of Stuttgart's State Orchestra.


Children's Variety Theatre
The popular "Kindervarieté" at the Friedrichsbau Variety Theatre attracts audiences of all ages with entertaining programmes. Imaginative, colourful, artistic acts guarantee lots of laughs and amazing thrills.


Junges Ensemble ("Young Ensemble") Stuttgart
The Junges Ensemble Stuttgart (JES), which is funded by the city and the state of Baden-Württemberg, is Stuttgart's theatre ensemble for children and young people. Inaugurated in 2004, it performs on three stages at the "Unterm Turm" culture centre. Five or six theatre productions are on offer each year, with something for everyone – from classic narrative theatre to dance theatre and theatre for the very young.



"Baroque in Bloom" and Fairy-tale Garden in Ludwigsburg
In this age of electronic toys and virtual worlds, there's often little room for fairy tales. The Fairy-tale Garden in Ludwigsburg's "Baroque in Bloom" gardens proves that fairy tales have lost nothing of their fascination. Handsome princes and enchanting princesses, mischievous kobolds and weird, mythical animals are at home in the Fairy-tale Garden, with countless little adventures in store. Sit on the throne of the Water Lily King or take a boat down the fairy-tale stream – the Fairy-tale Garden enthrals young and old alike.


Museum Ritter and Chocolate Exhibition
Discovering chocolate and the Square: in Waldenbuch the Museum Ritter with its chocolate exhibition documents the history of a legendary geometric shape. Directly adjacent to the Ritter Sport chocolate factory, the chocolate shop and the chocolate exhibition, Marli Hoppe-Ritter's unique art collection is on display at the Museum Ritter. The focus is on the Square and its representations in art in the 20th and 21st centuries. 


SENSAPOLIS in Böblingen
The high rope course, the space ship, the slides paradise, or perhaps the pirate ship? At Sensapolis in Böblingen young adventurers can look forward to an unforgettable day, with lots of fun and action provided by the many attractions of this indoor leisure park with an area of more than 10,000 square metres. 


Ravensburger Kinderwelt in Kornwestheim 
If you want to experience Ravensburger games on a larger scale, then the Ravensburger "Children's World" in Kornwestheim is well worth a visit. Popular games have been recreated in large format, including "Das verrückte Labyrinth", "Fang den Hut!®" or "Memory®". The two floors of the Ravensburger Kinderwelt are connected by a huge climbing tree, which intrepid adventurers can climb if they dare. Since 2013 the Kinderwelt has offered games, fun and action for the whole family.


Tripsdrill in Cleebronn 
Shooting the rapids in a washtub, making your head spin in a rotating coffee cup, visiting the fountain of youth in a bathtub, or flying up and down in a laundry basket – at Tripsdrill Adventure Park around 100 original attractions guarantee thrills and fun for young and old alike. Germany's first adventure park isn't far from Stuttgart and has already received many awards as "Europe's Best Adventure Park". Next to Tripsdrill Adventure Park, enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy the "Wildparadies" wildlife park with more than 50 animal species, mostly indigenous, such as wolves, owls, bears and otters. Animal lovers can experience them at close quarters at feeding times, on circular walks or in the outdoor enclosures.

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